Corn was harvested at our permaculture farm

Harvest day!

Harvest day!

Feijoa harvest from our permaculture garden
My feijoa harvest for today

Today was harvest day. Our feijoa trees have been dropping the feijoas on the ground. Unfortunately many have been stung by fruit fly, but hopefully we will get some that are still okay. I took a box and got lots of feijoas from the ground, as well as picked some off the tree.
Tom had another harvest around the macadamia tree. All these nuts just from one tree! We still need to go around the other macadamia trees as well…


At Maungaraeeda, a permaculture farm on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia we harvested macadamias today
Macadamia harvest for today… More to come!

I sorted the macadamias again and rattled the peeled ones to see if the nuts are ready (when they rattle they can be cracked). We got a bowl full of rattley ones, so we can do some cracking over the next few days!

Tom also did a big harvest in the garden. He harvested cucumber, tomatoes and beans, and picked the corn. I blanched the peeled and cut corn and bagged and froze them. This way they will last us a while!

Corn was harvested at our permaculture farm
Today’s corn harvest prior to processing

We got a new goat today, she was lonely at her last home and in need of some friends. She got a bit more than she bargained for when she came here, because our billy goat Angus straight away got very friendly indeed!

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