Tom Kendall plants ginger at Maungaraeeda.

Late Season Ginger.

Late Season Ginger.

Digging Ginger at this time of the year results in having immature ginger left over that seems a waste to discard.So even if it is a bit late for planting ginger if I plant it out it should still develop to a degree and have some use.

Tom Kendalls ginger at Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast.
Early season dug ginger.

The beds that I have used to plant this ginger was where I harvested the corn and also there was some purple sweet potato that I had dug from here as well. So I dug through and loosened the soil which gave another half a kilo of sweet potato which went to the kitchen and also dug up 6 or 7 potatoes  which were starting to sprout so they were planted in a suitable bed. Its great to get these little bonus’s. Added some compost, gotta get rid of all this compost coming from the bio-digester and chicken system somehow. Stacked on a heap of mulch, a bit thinner on top but thick on the sides. Opened up openings and put in the ginger pieces trying to keep the tops intact.

Tom Kendall plants ginger at Maungaraeeda.
The late season ginger beds.

The ginger in the foreground has been growing since late October early December so is reasonably advanced and will probably die off in about 3 months time so we still could a yield from these late plantings.

Tom Kendalls Pineapples at Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast.
Lucky harvest!

I have an area that I’m developing and it has created a niche that I have been planting pineapple tops and suckers into and as I went there to plant some more tops that have been accumulating in the kitchen I stumbled across these. Nearly missed the ripe one, usually pick them a bit sooner than that.

Bye for now, Tom

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