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One of those days….

One of those days… You know the one, where nothing goes the way you want it to, you keep dropping things and hurting yourself and you just wish the day was over! The chooks are off the lay (pathetic number of eggs), it is mite season again with all this mud around so every time I collect the eggs I have mites crawling on me, the cows refuse to let their milk down for us, one of our ducks died, I am constantly hurting myself and being enormously clumsy… This sort of day makes me think “What are we doing all this for?”

So then I need to remind myself that I am in touch with nature every day, I do not need to go to a shop to buy my food but have a backyard supermarket, I am my own boss (although sometimes I think the animals let us think we are…) and all day I work with the man I love. I guess sometimes I just need a big kick up the rear and just appreciate what I have here everyday.

I am now going to have a nice, relaxing weekend with my man. Hope you all have a great one too!

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