Earthen Floor Wax

Its a rainy day so a good reason to be inside and getting back to the earthen floor process. We have been busy with the property and focusing on the wet season tasks and haven’t had time for the building process so it was nice to spend a bit of time back on the floor. We collected mulch, got a load of sawdust and emptied out a bio-digester pit in the rain so after lunch with some dry clothes on I applied a bit of elbow grease to the floor. The surface of the floor after it was sealed is nice and hard but a bit porous and not so smooth which concerned me that it will take in dirt and stain. Having read that someone had applied a bees wax paste to their floor I feel that this may be the answer. I bought some beeswax from a local apiarist and melted it down with linseed oil to soften it to a consistency for rubbing into the floor. I think I got it right however it still takes quite a bit of rubbing to cover nicely.

Tom Kendall waxes his earthen floor at Maungaraeeda
Applying the wax paste to the sealed earthen floor.

I am yet to cover the whole floor as it was soon afternoon animal time. Once I have  covered the whole floor I think I will then rub over it again with a larger cloth to remove any excess wax and can then see if some areas that may need more added.

The rain was real nice being steady and soaking, which will keep the grass going making the cows happy.

Cheers Tom

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