Playing with cow manure, the biodigester pit

Swimming in my gumboots…

Swimming in my gumboots…

Foraging chickens at Maungaraeeda, home of Tom Kendall and the PRI Sunshine CoastEarly this morning there was a nice gentle rain, so I sowed clucker tucker seed into cell one of the clucker tucker area. The seed would have gotten nicely rained in. I closed off cell one and opened cell two for the chooks, who weren’t really interested as it is quite overgrown! I will feed them in cell two tomorrow morning, so they get the gist…

The rain started getting heavier and heavier! We shoveled a trailer load of sawdust that Tom picked up out of the trailer, and by the end of that I was saturated and sopping in my boots! I ended up getting changed into my bathers for the rest of the day’s jobs! (Must have been a good look, bathers with my gumboots!)

Yesterday we had raked the grass in front of our property on the side of the road that Tom had cut a few days ago. This grass gets used for mulch in the garden. Today we picked up the grass and put it into our trailer with pitchforks, then unloaded it into the mulch bins in the garden for use on our garden beds at a later stage.

We also emptied another biodigester pit, as the second one was very full also. The first part was bucketed out, then I got to stand in the pit whilst bucketing and later shoveling the sloppy manure (but surprisingly not smelly!) into the wheelbarrow. Tom pushed wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow up the hill where it ended up in the chicken area to get composted further.

Playing with cow manure, the biodigester pit
The biodigester pit with bucket for emptying

After all this I had to have a shower, as I was saturated from the rain and had poop all over me.  We ended up having lunch at around 3pm, meals tend to get later and later when you are having fun playing with manure and such!

Due to the heavy rain today I was unable to take any photos, so have included some older ones…

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