Bio-digester Cover Step Two

Thursday was my allocated day to finish the concrete cover on the Bio-digester dome and I woke up to another rainy day! Having more than once called myself a resourceful chappie I got to and set up a tarp to cover the bio-digester so that I could proceed regardless.

Tom Kendall applies the next stage of concreting the cover of his bio-digester dome at Maungaraeeda.
The applying of the concrete to finish covering the dome.

Between the showers and four mixes later Im pretty happy with the end result. I will need to make up a cement render mix to tidy up the edge. This will be easier and be a more presentable finish than trying to do it with with the concrete mix.

I felt that doing the pour without a formwork was going to be easier than setting up a formwork.Its a bit of a wobbly edged curve! I used a 45 mm piece of timber to gauge the concrete depth as I worked my way around.

Tom Kendall finishes the concrete dome cover on his Bio-digester at Maungaraeeda.
The finished pour nicely smoothed off.

I was lucky that the rains were steady and there was minimal wind so we ended up with successful finish and no disaster. Mind you I was stressing and am still hoping that its not too heavy for the dome.That would be a big disaster!! Its okay Tom- concrete is stronger under compression. Time will tell.

all good, Tom

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