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Citrus harvest and cream separating

Today I went into the food forest to harvest some lemonades. They were ready to be harvested, unfortunately I only harvested from one tree; Tom told me later there was another tree in the food forest that needed harvesting too! I also harvested limes from our lime trees. It seems to be lime season for everyone around here, so it looks like we won’t be able to sell any. I am going to have to come up with a lime pickle recipe, make some cleaning products and possibly some vinegar, as we still have another lime tree coming on with lots of fruit!

Limes and lemonades from our permaculture farm!

Limes and lemonades, the ones on the right and in my hand are limes.

The cream sepator to separate the cream from the cow's milk at Maungaraeeda

Maungaraeeda’s cream separator

I also did the cream separation today, the separator is a “golden oldy”, about 60 years old found on Gumtree a number of years ago. Apparently it had been sitting in an old dairy farm barn for years until the son of the family decided to sell it. I heated the milk by adding hot water to it (so the cream is more runny and separates more easily), and turned the handle to get (and keep!) the process happening. It is hard work, but the end result is lovely thick cream, and of course my favourite after more processing: butter!

Cream from our dairy cows at Maungaraeeda, Tom and Zaia Kendall's permaculture farm


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