Tom Kendall uses a scythe at Maungaraeeda on the Sunshine Coast.

New Handtool in the Quiver!

New Handtool in the Quiver!

The ride on lawnmower died after a good and dedicated life. Then the dilemma of budgeting  for a replacement and oh great – its wet season and the grass is growing like crazy! I didn’t have a solution apart from borrowing the good neighbors machine but I don’t really feel great about using and possibly breaking it. And I like my grass cut long for using as mulch and his machine is designed for cutting real short grass-LAWN….    Bill Mollison has quite a bit to say on that subject. And then my lovely thoughtful  wife comes forward with the solution. “We will get you a scythe for your birthday”.

Tom Kendall assembles his Scythe at Maungaraeeda.
“But the instructions are written in Austrian”

It will take a while to get accustomed to this tool but I am feeling that this is a great move. Already I like to use it and I am enjoying learning the techniques needed to work it. I love hand tools and definitely understand the sustainable points of hand tools so it all suits how I function. I’m already a bit muscle sore but hopefully as I focus on the technique this will lessen.

Tom Kendall uses a scythe at Maungaraeeda on the Sunshine Coast.
Trying to find the technique.

Walking the talk!

Tom Kendall with his scythe at Maungaraeeda.
The lawn mower is dead. Long live the scythe!!!

Zaia’s father would maintain his five acre property with a scythe. I probably have about an acre of grass area to maintain so we will see how I go.

A big thank you to Zaia and her mother for this gift/solution.

A little bit stiff and sore, Tom.

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  1. I’ve been using mine daily for the last 6 weeks, collecting grass & weed for the goat. I brought it back in the suitcase 6 years ago from France.(no handle) I made the handle out of a hickory wattle sapling. Did you peened it before using it?

    1. It was pre peened Serge, Ive yet to learn this skill.

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