Tom Kendalls goats are introduced to a new paddock at Maungaraeeda.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Tomorrow is the day I travel to Jordan to teach a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). So today was a busy day, as has been the last few to get the property as ready as I can for Zaia to manage whilst I am away.

Tom Kendalls goats are introduced to a new paddock at Maungaraeeda.
I think the goats are happy with their new paddock. There is a fifth one in there somewhere.

The goats have been introduced into a new paddock much to their pleasure. The cows were put into the paddock that the goats were in to crash graze it down for the day. Each time the goats finish a paddock  I do this and as you can see by the feed in the goats new paddock the feed quality and quantity is improving. Tomorrow the cows will start in a new paddock /cell where it will be easier to bring them in at night by the laneway instead of having to be lead.

Tom Kendall using holistic management at Maungaraeeda.
The cows crash grazing the goat paddock.

I went around the bananas, which I do weekly to bag the bunches to protect them, harvest the bunches that are ready and to manage the suckers to maintain the stands. Today I had to manage a bit heavier as I will be away for 17 days.

Tom Kendall maintains his bananas at Maungaraeeda.
A banana maintenance selfie.

I pumped up the water so that it will last till I get back, separated cream because its Thursday , emptied the bio-digester pit so its all good till I get back and put a bit more shine on the scythe. I think there was some other stuff as well as the usual daily chores and oh yeah, packed me bag for the trip.


Several fungi I spotted today. We are having a lot of diverse fungal activity at the moment which is great. I would love to be able to identify them all.

Okay I will attempt to still post from Jordan. Bit excited!


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  1. Why Jordan for the PDC? Where do the participants come from?

    1. Hi Helen, A PDC is taught this time every year and this year I am quite chuffed to have been asked to facilitate. This oportunity broadens my knowledge and gives me more understanding. Jordan is in an Arid climate so I will get to see techniques used for this application. The students can come from all over. I will let you know. One course that we had here with 12 students represented 11 countries.

      1. Yes, it will definitely be an interesting experience for you. I hope you have a diverse range of students.

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