Learning the biodigester routine and banana flour

Tom is leaving tomorrow to teach a PDC in Jordan and I will be running the farm! So for the past couple of days I have been feeding the biodigester and getting more involved with the cow routines. This morning I shoveled the poop from the cows’ night yard into buckets and after breakfast this manure was mixed with water and fed to the biodigester. A process, surprisingly for many perhaps, not unpleasant. Cow manure does not really stink, and mixing the manure with water is much like kitchen work… And because I feed the biodigester I can do my kitchen work!

Zaia feeding the biogas biodigester at Her and Tom Kendall's permaculture farm in Australia
Feeding the biogas biodigester

Speaking of kitchen work, I had to make some banana flour today. Green bananas make an awesome flour that bakes nice loaves, cakes and biscuits without the need for eggs (great when chooks are off the lay). We cut the skin off the green bananas, sliced the bananas and put them in the dehydrator for around 48 hours. Then I put them through the Vitamix to grind them into a fine flour. We had a yummy savoury banana flour loaf with our soup tonight!

Zaia Kendall makes banana flour from dried green bananas at her and Tom Kendall's permaculture farm
Making banana flour from dried green bananas

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