Every job has more than one purpose

My jetsetting husband Tom (currently on his way to Jordan) always says that each job should have more than one purpose. We have a guava problem, with guava trees coming up in paddocks on the property. Yes, I know guava is edible, but we are not really keen and unfortunately guava just takes over here if you let it!

Little guava trees to be cut for goat forage at Tom and Zaia Kendall's permaculture farm
Guava trees coming up in the paddock

The goats are given forage every day, a different one each day. Tomorrow they will be getting guava leaves. I took a lopper into the paddock and cut the guava as close to the bottom as possible (so no-one trips over them), the little guava trees are now waiting to be given to the goats in the morning. So I am cleaning up the paddock as well as sourcing forage for the goats!

Guava tree in the paddock, lopping for goat forage and paddock clearing
Small guava tree in the paddock, to be lopped as close to the base as possible for goat forage and paddock cleaning

Another week gone by, I hope it was a great one for you! Have a fantastic Easter and weekend!

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