Sunrise at Maungaraeeda, our permaculture farm on the Sunshine Coast

Easter weekend at the farm…

Easter weekend at the farm…

Saturday morning I awoke to a glorious sunrise, with mist hanging low in the valley and the sun peaking through the trees. Every day is an early day here, even on weekends, as the animals still need to be fed, watered and put to pasture.

Sunrise at Maungaraeeda, our permaculture farm on the Sunshine Coast
Sunrise at Maungaraeeda

Saturday was my first day on my own. My early morning snack was a fresh, homegrown dragon fruit.

Homegrown dragon fruit from our permaculture farm in Queensland, Australia
Our homegrown dragon fruit, yumm!

The I went outside and started with the goats and fed them, after which I made the cow and chicken feed. I went into the cow yard to collect all the manure for the biodigester and to clean their yard. I fed the cows and brought them into a small “holding” paddock so the calves could feed straight away. Tom and I decided it would be better for me not to milk and try to lead the calves later, as we did not want to risk me getting hurt by trying to lead hungry calves! While the calves were feeding I fed the chooks, then put the cows to pasture, let the goats off and collected their food containers followed by feeding the biodigester. And all this before breakfast, no need to tell you that all that feeding made me hungry! However, after the biodigester I needed to feed the food forest chooks, empty the wheelbarrow with surplus manure and water the nursery, before I could finally have some brekky at around 9.30am.

Cow paddocks at the dam at Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast
The cow paddocks at the dam

I had made a bunya nut loaf the previous night, so I had eggs on bunya nut loaf with homemade mayo for breakfast, and for lunch this delicious chicken sandwich (bunya loaf, butter, rocket, chicken pieces and homemade mayonnaise…)

Homemade chicken sandwich on bunya nut loaf, with homegrown rocket and homemade butter and mayonnaise
Chicken “sandwich”

On Sunday and Monday I had a friend over with her son, and we spent most of Monday getting a set together for a gig at the Maleny Wood Expo late April. It was great having a music day! The next day we got together with the Pyrophone Juggernaut crew for another rehearsal at Crystal Waters, so I had 2 days of music in a row!

Oscar and Marlon playing marimba
Oscar and Marlon practising marimba pieces for the Wood Expo

Very tired today and incredibly grateful that Iris, a past student of Tom’s, came today to help out for the coming few weeks!


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