Homemade rosella jam from the permaculture garden at Maungaraeeda

Rosella bounty!

Rosella bounty!

We  currently have 2 rosella bushes in our garden and both were full of rosellas. So I got the secateurs and picked the rosella flowers, I got a big basket full!

A basket full of rosellas from the two rosella bushes in Tom and Zaia's permaculture garden
A basket full of rosellas from our two rosella bushes

As Marlon has decided to do this year by distance education, he has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen with me. He decided to make a rosella lime cordial, as we also have an abundance of limes. He wants to be a chef, and his talent in the kitchen shows that he is taking the right path! The cordial is absolutely beautiful!

Marlon's rosella lime cordial from limes and rosellas out of our permaculture garden
Marlon’s rosella lime cordial

It took me about an hour and a half to get the flesh off the centre of all the rosellas. Then I covered all the centres in water and simmered it for around 15 minutes. I then used the poured off water to cover the rosella flesh, which together with lemon juice and an apple made up the pectin for the jam. I simmered that mix until the rosella flesh was soft, added sugar and then brought the mix to a boil, stirring constantly so it wouldn’t burn. The smell was awesome, the taste fantastic! I ended up with 16 3/4 jars of rosella jam. I may just have to make tomorrow pancake day so we can try out the jam!

Homemade rosella jam from the permaculture garden at Maungaraeeda
Homemade rosella jam!

Quick update on Bandit, our snake bitten dog. He is doing really well, stopped peeing blood on the weekend and he is almost himself again! We have noticed more grey hairs on him though, defying death twice in 12 months (the first time was from a paralysis tick) will probably do that…

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  1. Rosella jam and cordial! Fantastic. I’ve got a few plants I’ve grown from seeds, very easily luckily, and am looking forward to them producing. I’ll have to give jam making a go when I get flowers. I think I noticed buds forming today. Love reading your posts everyday!

    1. Thanks for your support Paul, and good luck with your rosellas!

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