Tom Kendall plants another bed of Russian Garlic at Maungaraeeda.

One Thing Leads to the Next

One Thing Leads to the Next

Today I focused on getting another bed of Russian garlic  planted. Of course this meant that I needed to prepare a new bed and there was a bed that had several cranberry hibiscus plants that were surplus to our needs and a random tumeric plant that had planted itself and was doing very well. I have been debating of where to establish an area to grow tumeric as the places it is growing are getting rather large as it enjoys spreading out and out. So I put the debate aside for a moment and just dug up the tumeric and just stuck the clump in a bucket and tried not to think about it. The hibiscus plants succumbed to the machete and a mattock and ended up in a banana circle, just keep cycling that carbon. The garlic bed was treated similarly to the previous beds and about 25 cloves were planted in.

Tom Kendall plants another bed of Russian Garlic at Maungaraeeda.
So I have planted four beds of Russian garlic bulblets and one bed of the rounds and now a bed of cloves.

Right now to clean up and get onto something else and “oh right”the bucket with the tumeric clump! So the debate came to a conclusion with a small niche that was growing an unproductive pumpkin vine that was also frustrating as it needed regular controlling as it continually was climbing over a lime tree and the vetiver grass hedge. Out with the pumpkin vine and then, right , going to need to prepare the soil. So garden fork time again and some serious digging and quite a few stones. Pretty quickly I realised why the pumpkin hadn’t been doing so well as the soil came up very clay’ey with very little humus colour. So four barrow loads of compost, nice one, nearly caught up on the compost oversupply and then divided the tumeric clump and planted it out. Lots of room for more stray tumeric and I only worked on about one quarter of the niche. Great another solution in place!

Tom Kendall plants tumeric at Maungaraeeda.
The niche that is now a tumeric bed.

I hope lime trees and tumeric are great companions!


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