Choko harvest and processing

Choko harvest and processing

Due to the improved fertility on our property, our harvests are increasing substantially! Today Tom harvested 75 kilos of Chokos! Unfortunately chokos do not do well as a cash crop, as people do not really know what to do with them. They are really yummy roasted, but one roasted choko or maybe two is enough per meal, and we cannot get through them all before they start to get too old… We have set aside the best looking ones to sell at the local fruit and veg shop in Pomona, but they do not sell well, so we have had to try out something new. I knew this day was coming, so a couple of weeks ago I tried salting and dehydrating choko. It turned out to be a nice chip, a bit more chewy than your conventional potato crisps, but a nice little snack nonetheless. And this way the chokos will keep a lot longer too!

So today after morning tea we all sat down and peeled, cored and cut chokos. One half I mixed with salt only and the other half I mixed with salt and chilli sauce. This is now in the dehydrator at around 41C for the next 2 days. On Friday we will have to do the same again, but we will try out a sweet version then… Hopefully the choko chips will make a nice snack for me to take with me on the plane to Brazil, where I will be performing in May!

Choko chips making at Maungaraeeda, Zaia and Tom Kendall's permaculture farm in Queensland Australia
Processing chokos to make choko chips

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  1. Zaia they will probably take them of you when boarding, I make chutney choco and oinion being the main ingredient, I can get reciept if you like. As well because they are fairly tasteless on there own, you can make them into a preserve with a sweet liquad like tin pears you buy at the store.Although I have not done this I should imagine you would cook first put them into a sweet syrup type liquid and preserve.

    1. Thanks Ralph, I will take the chance with choko on the plane, as they will be dehydrated and in a plastic bag for transport, I hope it will be okay…
      I will try to make some chutney as well, we have so many chokos, I can try out lots of things!

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  3. Choko chips, that’s different! Hi Zaia, Tom. Can I pass on this info to you, another way to use chokos? My Mum preserved them as a sweet. She would peel and core them, they looked just like halved pears. Cooked gently in Apple or pear juice then bottled, preserved for later use. With a family of 10 kids she had to be very frugal! Also, chokos quartered, steamed then added to a white cheese & parsley sauce is very nice. Hope you don’t mind my suggestions. You are both doing a great job out there and I enjoy reading your blogs. Wish I still had that much energy! Cheers…..

    Pauline Chant


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