Re-purpose and Reuse

Yes I’ve gone and started another task and not finished the myriad of other tasks still going. Actually digging out of under the main house has has been ongoing for more than a few years. An incentive to start this was because the wooden stumps need replacing. However the opportunity of creating more space of digging out and making room to store under the house has merit. I have an idea to create a small income and this will need a small area that I feel under the house will provide, once I sort out all the stuff that has been poked and stuffed and tossed and fallen in there. Now this stuff is not junk! It will have a use ..someday. Yes I am a hoarder and the term is to “re-purpose and reuse”. Now to make space the stuff needed to be sorted and stored more efficiently. Since we have dropped off the volunteers and the bunk bus has been emptied there are some metal bunk beds free and I thought that they will make great racks to store stuff on.

Tom Kendall reusues bed frames as storage racks at Maungaraeeda.
The double bunk bed frames as storage racks.

So far we have managed to get the plumbing bits organised, and the old paints. A whole heap of empty jars and bottles for preserving food have filled one shelf.  Now to find some more metal bunks and I probably will find myself doing more digging!


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