Weeks End Wrapup

My posts have been short and minimal this week but of course that doesn’t mean not much is happening. The week has been a fair bit of replication of the last few weeks which means there isn’t much new to say. So some of the focus has been on trying to get at least one hour of scything of the endless grass growth which hopefully will soon slow down as the weather cools. Also I need to get under the house organised so as to have enough room to function under there. This is close to achievement I’m happy to say.I managed to get two more garden beds established and I planted more Russian Garlic and Eris, our much appreciated helper is planting mainly kale in the other. We all got in (I was a bit late and was told so) and dehydrated another lot of the abundant chocos. This lot are sweet flavored and I’m looking forward to that!

I have been noticing a certain fungal activity this year (observation) and have been accessing what is happening with it (analysis). I am hoping that this is nature at work using the resources that I have applied to the land (carbon) to assist in getting the fertility improved in the soil (deduction). When I am digging in the garden I am finding sections full of fungal mycelium.

Tom Kendall observes fungal activity in his soil at Maungaraeeda.
Fungal mycelium throughout the soil.

There will be more study of this for sure. The mushrooms started to come up quite prominently earlier this year. There are photos but they are stuck on my hard drive and not accessible (gotta love modern technology ).

Zaia is gearing up for her trip to Brazil which hopefully means the freezer is full of muffins and quick to cook meals for me although Marlon will still be here and I will make him head chef. We had a visit from a very capable earthworks operator today looking at putting in a much needed dam to secure our water needs. We are very challenged in this area to find enough good clay to be able to seal our dams well so a good experienced operator is needed to ensure that the end result is satisfactory. Hopefully the logistics of this will come together soon and I will very happily let you know all about that.

There is a new overseas  project that I have been asked to be involved in which is quite exciting. This has also taken some time to discuss and hopefully soon we will have more information on this.

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