Lemonades, mandarins and lemons harvested at Maungaraeeda, Zaia and Tom Kendall's permaculture farm in Queensland, Australia

Citrus for winter!

Citrus for winter!

As winter is knocking on our door here in the southern hemisphere, the citrus trees are fruiting. We have an abundance of lemonades, limes, lemons and mandarins, with grapefruits slowly coming on as well. Lots of vitamin C, just what we need to give ourselves a boost before the cooler wheather! I did a bit of a picking today, limes and lemonades mainly. The mandarins are falling off the tree nightly, so I pick them off the ground every morning. They are still a bit green, but very tasty nonetheless! I have already made a lime pickle with some  (50) limes I picked a few weeks ago, the limes I picked today we will be juicing so we can keep the juice to keep making our haloumi style frying cheese every week. Tom did the first juicing today, we are filling one 700ml bottle every morning during morning tea time for the next few weeks, so that it never becomes a huge job.

End of last week we made some more choko chips, sweet ones this time. We made cinnamon ones and I had a number of trial sachets of powdered dried fruit which I used on the rest. I also made some honey flavoured chips. The choko chips ended up leaving a sweet smelling sludge in the bottom of the dehydrator, but the chips themselves are very more-ish! We still have two big boxes full of chokos to process but I picked another two bowls of chillies this morning, so tomorrow might be chilli choko sauce making day…

Cinnamon choko chips at Zaia and Tom Kendall's permaculture farm Maungaraeeda
Cinnamon choko chips, ready to be dehydrated!

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