Tom Kendall prepares timbes slabs to make kitchen benchtops at Maungaraeeda.

Kitchen Benchtop

Kitchen Benchtop

Starting another project?!!  Well yes, but this was always on the agenda. It is the next step after the staged move into the passive solar house which is slowly being built. I cut down a tree about five years ago and I cut slabs out of it with our Lucas saw mill. These slabs have been stored out of the weather to dry and be ready to prepare to become our benchtops. The type of wood is Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), a type of wood that has a strong camphor aroma which is quite pleasant and also has anti bacterial and anti fungal qualities which make it popular for kitchen benchtops.

Tom Kendall prepares timbes slabs to make kitchen benchtops at Maungaraeeda.
Starting to prepare the Camphor Laurel timber slabs to make the kitchen benchtops.

I had already made the bench to accommodate the slabs a few years ago so this is a good feeling that I am getting as I have been wanting to get these benchtops onto the priority list for quite a while.

Tom Kendall uses recycled timber to make benches in his kitchen at maungaraeeda.
The benches made from recycled timber ready to accommodate the slab benchtops.

I am hoping to do this task well because I have seen a few put in and there is a definite line of a good looking job and a bad one.

Tom Kendall shapes timber slabs for his kitchen benchtops at Maungaraeeda.
Starting to shape the slabs to fit the benches.

I really enjoy this stuff!


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    1. Yes Helen, each day another idea comes forward wishing to get onto that priority list. Keeps life interesting!

  1. Looking good, and doesn’t your floor look awesome?


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