Tom Kendall excavates to create a room under his house at Maungaraeeda.

The New Space Nearly Prepared

The New Space Nearly Prepared

The under house excavation process has been coming along nicely. When I replaced some of the piers earlier I had allowed for the lowering of the floor level and even though it will be less than recommended room height it will be fine  for storage and small projects. I have managed to methodically spend time digging every other day or so for an hour or two and succeeded in getting to the stage for setting up the formwork to pour a concrete floor.

Tom Kendall excavates to create a room under his house at Maungaraeeda.
The ground leveled ready for the concrete pour formwork.

One of the piers was replaced by a previous owner and I was expecting that they had only dug down a short distance for the footing which would mean that I would have to extend or replace the pier. So as I removed the dirt nearer to the pier I supported the bearer with an acroprop and chained up the pier so it wouldn’t fall until I could determine the state of its dimensions hoping that it would be long enough. And “Yes” it was! It was quite ugly though.

Tom Kendall is presented with previous rough workmanship at Maungaraeeda.
The ugly pier with its excess of concrete.

The next question was can I jack hammer off the excess cement and will it still be usable?

Tom Kendall jack hammers excess cocrete off the pier to make it more usable at Maungaraeda.
The trimmed up presentable pier.

And “Yes” I could! Only took two and a half hours.

Happy days!  tom

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