Natural dishwash detergent with soap and lime juice

Dish detergent alternative

Dish detergent alternative

For the last few months we have had very little income. This has had a benefit: we are trying to look for alternatives for everything. These alternatives have to be cheap and from the property if possible.

We have a fantastic detergent company here in Kin Kin called Kin Kin Naturals. We always bought our dish and laundry detergent from them, as they are local, natural and biodegradable. However, as we are trying not to spend money, we had to look for dishwash alternatives when our detergent ran out.

We have an abundance of limes, mandarines and other citrus on our trees at the moment. So for the past few months I have been doing the dishes with a squirt of lime juice and some plain hand soap. No foaming, but it de-greases beautifully! I have not yet started to make soap, but that will be next on the list. At the moment this method is quick and easy, and it does the job well.

Natural dishwash detergent with soap and lime juice
Lime halves and soap make a nice, non-foaming natural dishwash detergent.

We are also squeezing lime juice at the moment, we use the lime juice not only for washing dishes, but also to make cheese (as it curdles the milk very well and gives the cheese a beautiful flavour!). Hopefully we can squeeze enough juice to last until the next lime harvest!

Lime harvest at Tom and Zaia Kendall's permaculture farm Maungaraeeda
Lime harvest for today at Maungaraeeda, still lots more on the trees!

The only thing I have noticed is that my hands are becoming very dry from the lime juice. As we make our own butter here, I just put a little butter on my hands and rub it in to stop the dryness!

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  1. Thanks for that! Can you tell me where you access your soap from? Is it a100% natural soap?

    1. Hi Christine,
      Yes, it is a natural soap made with goat milk. It is made locally in nearby Pomona and is from Harmony Soapworks (

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