Tom Kendall harvests sweet potato at Maungaraeeda.

Obtain a Yield

Obtain a Yield

We are starting to reap the rewards from the focus to improve production.The many composting systems that are in place are building the fertility of the soil and the water harvesting/infiltration design has improved the capacity of the property. We have also adapted some of the gardens to produce a larger harvest of produce at a time.  The yields that we are getting are quite gratifying. The focus before was on the opportunity for students and volunteers to learn what a property needs to function  and how permaculture systems work within the design. Now we are focusing on getting a yield from the property and to generate an income from the produce.

Tom Kendall supplies mandarines to the local organic co-op from his property, Maungaraeeda.
Mandarines boxed and ready to go the the local organic co-op.

We have been trialing different varieties of sweet potato and the common orange one seems to go very well. The rats think it tastes real good so we are still working on a solution towards them.

Tom Kendall harvests sweet potato at Maungaraeeda.
A preharvest to beat the rats is quite productive.


I am the milker of the cows and I also usually separate the cream and it can be very interesting to see how much milk and then from the milk how much cream we get. There are so many patterns in what influences the yields and we measured the most cream so far this week.

Tom Kendall harvests cream on his property Maungaraeeda.
2.2 Litres of cream!!

It is very interesting to note that in the early stages of lactating the percentage of cream is only about 2-3 percent and then the percentage builds up. At the moment we are getting near to 10 percent. The feed from the different paddocks also has an effect.There is also a cycle with the cow  letting down of the milk, which can be frustrating. I have been anxious  on how one of the cows, Anna was going to let down her milk for me once I took away her calf. So far she has been great and given her milk well. Hopefully this keeps happening.

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  1. Great yields! And great news on your soil fertility building.

    1. Thanks Helen, soil fertility building can only be really appreciated by the person doing the building. Expressing the improvement to others is challenging.

      1. No, I don’t agree – I can empathise with you because of my own efforts.

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