Early morning light benefits hormones

Benefits of an early morning walk

Benefits of an early morning walk

Sunrise whilst going for a healthy walk, sustainable health
Sunrise in the gully

Tom and I have started getting up earlier lately to go for an early morning walk. It is usually still dark when we venture out and slowly gets lighter as we walk along the road to the end of our little valley. We get to see some amazing early morning light, the sunrise and animals waking up. Besides all that beauty, fresh early morning air and enjoying each other’s company, research has shown that exposure to early morning light is beneficial to your health.

Early morning light benefits hormones
Catch the early morning light to balance your hormones

According to a number of sources early morning light helps hormone regulation which in turn helps improve symptoms of depression, quality of sleep, metabolism issues and various other symptoms which can affect your health (read this article for a more detailed explanation and references). After returning from Brazil I suffered from depression (which apparently is commonly caused by jet lag). My hormones are already mixed up due to normal ageing and past health issues, and I was recommended to go for early morning walks. Just getting 10 minutes of early morning light apparently helps regulate your hormones. I immediately started feeling better.

So besides the obvious benefits of exercise on the body, if you exercise first thing in the morning outside in natural light you will get added hormonal benefits as well. Your mood and appetite will improve, and you will feel more balanced. I would recommend this to everyone as a natural and easy way to stay healthy. And you can take some great photos at the same time!

Sustainable health by going for an early morning walk
Majestic tree in our gully in early morning light

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