Tom Kendall sets up worm farms on his property Maungaraeeda.

Compost Worm Farm for Chicken Food

Compost Worm Farm for Chicken Food

As we endevour to progress towards sustainability on our property we need to be selfsufficient with chicken food so we wish to stop buying in grains. One food source that we can use is compost worms. Each morning when we collect the cow manure for the bio-digester there is about 10 -15 kgs more than we need. So as this is a useful resource lets put it to good use and set up a system that provides food for the chickens and also processes the manure to be ready for the garden. I have several IBC units (1000 litre caged plastic tanks) that I have that are not being used so I cut one in half  to create two farms. The top half was turned upside down and then placed onto a plastic pallet to make the second farm.

Tom Kendall sets up worm farms on his property Maungaraeeda.
The worm farms being set up to drain into another drainage system if the worm juice isn’t harvested.

The first farm was started several weeks ago and I introduced several hundred compost worms in the first week. They have multiplied already and are doing well. In the second farm I have put 75mm of drainage gravel that is covered with shadecloth  to ensure that there is no chance of it flooding in a disaster and drowning the worms. When the first farm gets emptied I will put drainage in it also.

Tom Kendall builds a wormfarm at Maungaraeeda.
The drainage gravel added to the system.

The worm population is still building so it is uncertain at this stage how to design the whole system. I am thinking at for now that if I have four worm farms the excess manure should be all utilized and processed in a four month turnaround.

Tom Kendall building a cow manure compost worm farm at Maungaraeeda.
With are protective edge and lid added it will be ready to go!

I will add a protective edge on the sharp top and then make some simple lids to keep out the rain and sun.

I guess I’ll  need to make a worm harvester next!!?  Tom.

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