Tom Kendall juicing Yacon to make Yacon syrup for food and health, permaculture and pdc courses

Processing Yacon

Processing Yacon

After having a wonderful relaxing week away from the farm, we have rejuvenated and were ready to get stuck into the next immediate job: digging up and processing Yacon to make a beautiful sweet Yacon Syrup. Yacon, or ground apple, is primarily grown in South America. It grows well in a sub tropical environment and is a regular in every sub tropical permaculture garden. Yacon has numerous reported health benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels, improving the health of the liver, the immune system and digestive health and more (to read more details on the benefits of yacon, see this article). And as we now have learned from growing yacon over the years, it is a great soil improver! The soil where the Yacon has grown for the past few months is looking really well, ready for a different crop to go in!

Zaia processes Yacon to make Yacon syrup at Maungaraeeda, PRI Sunshine Coast
Zaia processing Yacon

Tom dug up the Yacon patches over the past couple of days and harvested about 55 kilos. We spent the past few mornings washing then peeling the Yacon, before washing it again and cutting out any bad bits. We then put the Yacon through our Champion juicer. The juice is now in large pots on the wood stove, where it will slow cook and reduce to make a thick syrup. We will use this as sweetener on pancakes and the like. This year we also decided to try and dehydrate the pulp left after juicing. Once dehydrated I will grind it and hopefully this can make a nice addition to a cuppa or something else that may need a little extra sweetness. Because of all the health benefits of Yacon, this is a nice addition to the diet. And of course, it is fully homegrown and home processed!

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