Life in the kitchen garden

Today was another beautiful sub-tropical winter’s day, clear blue sky and temperatures in the low to mid 20s (Celsius). The garden is full of life at the moment, the bees are busy at work and the buzzing is a comforting sound. In my harvesting today I was happily working side by side with the bees, each of us doing our thing. The sun was lovely and warm on my back as I harvested tamarilloes, cherry tomatoes, new season’s strawberries, peas, snowpeas, some endive and kale for lunch, and a big box of madagascar beans.

Madagascar beans from the Maungaraeeda permaculture garden, home of PRI Sunshine Coast
Madagascar beans from the Permaculture garden


Yacon syrup in Zaia and Tom Kendall's permaculture kitchen
Yacon syrup on the woodstove

I also bottled the yacon syrup today, as it has been sitting on the woodstove for about a week slowly reducing. From the 55kg of yacon root we made around 2 litres of yacon syrup, with a beautiful sweet caramel taste. I ground the first batch of dehydrated yacon pulp into granules late last week, and put another batch of pulp into the dehydrator today. It was a very nice day in the garden and the kitchen, picking, preparing and cooking or preserving food. It is a lovely, calming and organic process, hopefully I can do some more tomorrow!

I returned to the garden to take some photos to share with you, please click on a photo to see its bigger version. Enjoy!

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