Day 2 of the Permaculture Design Certificate PDC course: property tour and more food!

It’s all about food!! Yes, us permies love our food! After a strawberry, chia and coconut milk smoothie before the animal routines, everyone was out and about again bright and early! For breakfast we had boiled eggs, steamed kale, bunya nut loaf and oat loaf (vegan), baked mushrooms and avocado, with homemade mayonnaise. For morning tea we had a very sticky sticky date cake (yummy sticky fingers for later… 😉

Permaculture Design Certificate course PDC course sticky date cake for morning tea

Sticky date cake for morning tea on day 2 of the PDC course

Lunch was cauliflower rice with curried broccoli, a blended curried kale with mushrooms, butter chicken and a cabbage salad. After the early afternoon classroom session the class went out for a tour of the property. Tom showed them the food forest, kitchen garden, nursery, staple carbs area, humanure bank, pond, chicken systems, biodigester and biodigester chicken compost, cows, swales, dams and much more, all here at Maungaraeeda! The property is looking amazing, lots of growth and plants and trees are starting to thrive, indicating a positive change in the quality of the soil and fertility.

We are about to have dinner, frittata and a vegie loaf for the vegans, with left over blended curried kale and mushroom and cabbage salad! All baking is done in our wood stove, we haven’t had to buy in any gas for this PDC course, yay!

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