Yam harvest during the PDC course at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

Day 3 of the Permaculture Design Certificate course

Day 3 of the Permaculture Design Certificate course

Yam was on the menu today! So this morning, after Tom showed everyone how to separate cream from milk, he took the class to one of our mulberry trees to harvest a massive yam.

The yam weighed in at 21.5kg! We didn’t eat the whole thing for lunch, just one of the small bits (still a pot full!)

Large yam harvested during the Permaculture Design Certificate course
21.5kg yam for lunch!

To continue our food theme, the day started with a jackfruit and almond and brazil nut milk smoothie, followed after the animal routines by “baked” Madagascar beans, white sweet potato and bacon. For morning tea an apricot cake made with the pulp from the morning’s nutmilk. For lunch, YAM! With a beautiful smoked ham, pidgeon pea stew and a sprouted lentil and snowpea salad on the side. And for dinner sprouted lentil and sweet potato soup. I didn’t take any food photos, sorry!

It was a big classroom day today, but everyone looked quite absorbed in the material!

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