Cow ticking during the PDC course

Day 4 of the Permaculture Design Certificate course: morning jobs and compost turning

Day 4 of the Permaculture Design Certificate course: morning jobs and compost turning

Everyone is divided into groups when they are here for the PDC course. We meet at 6am, everyone has a smoothie and then goes to their various spots to do the morning jobs. One group helps with cow ticking and biodigester feeding, another shifts the BioDigester Chicken Compost (BDCC), yet another helps feed the chickens and collect the eggs. Another group helps feed the goats and the last group weeds around the pond area and collects grass, to feed to the chickens. Each group does their job 2 days in a row, after which they move on to the next job. So far all the PDC course students have been really keen and they seem to be enjoying the early morning routines here on the farm!

As it is day 4 today, the 18 day compost had to be turned after lunch. Everyone pitched in!

As for food today, once again no photos… But we had a orange and grapefruit juice with Surinam spinach and a dash of rice malt syrup before our morning jobs. For breakfast I made buckwheat pancakes with homemade rosella jam, yacon syrup and marmalade, a pecan chocolate mousse, cream and pepino (a lovely fruit, tastes like rock or honeydew melon, really yum!)
Morning tea was a triple chocolate cake (triple because it has cacao butter, cacao beans, cacao powder and chocolate pieces in it… Should be quadruple I guess 😉 )
For lunch we had local fish with roast pumpkin and roast sesame seed covered choko, brown rice, a cucumber, walnut and olive salad and bread I made from left over pancake mix. Dinner tonight was roast carrot, fried potato and a lettuce, celery, capsicum and herb salad with a mint cashew dressing. Just to get your digestive juices flowing…

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