Moving the food forest tractor during the Permaculture Design Certificate course PDC course and getting some grass out

Day 5 of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, moving the food forest tractor

Day 5 of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, moving the food forest tractor

Here we are at midway point of the course! The students here are getting lots of practical hands on experiences as well as lots of theoretical classroom time. The practical experiences, as well as the occasional after dinner videos, all serve to consolidate the theoretical knowledge taught in the classroom.

Today it was time to move the food forest tractor. Our chookies in the tractor had done their job in preparing the soil, so that another patch can be planted out with a fruit tree and support species to extend our food forest. All the students got involved again, pulling out some more weeds and unwanted grass, and planting out the patch. Thanks to Jessie Costin for the photos!

Food today was a mulberry and macadamia milk smoothie pre animal routines. For brekky there was paw paw with homemade yoghurt (a cashew and banana blend for the dairy free) and fried cheese, eggplant, capsicum and tomato stacks.
Lunch was fried cassava, veg ratatouille, steamed carrots and cajun beef in buttermilk with salad.
For dinner there was mushroom soup, made on chicken stock. The meat free people had some left over sprouted lentil soup with added mushrooms.

Mushroom chicken soup and mushroom sprouted lentil soup during the PDC course with PRI Sunshine Coast
Mushroom soup made with chicken stock on the left, sprouted lentil, sweet potato and mushroom soup on the right

It was a huge week! Tomorrow we will all have a well deserved rest (although Tom, Iris and I will still have to do the animals of course).  Onwards towards the second half of the PDC!

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