Day 5 1/2 of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, harvesting and harvest processing

As our weekly farm jobs still continue during the PDC, all students had the opportunity today to join in harvesting and harvest processing. First Iris took everyone into the garden and they harvested strawberries, madagascar beans, peas, snowpeas, beans and broccoli. Cream had to be separated again and we did butter making with the students’ participation. The students prepared strawberries and bagged them to be frozen (for smoothies, yumm!) and watched as I showed them how to make a coconut strawberry cake which we had for  morning tea. I showed everyone how to make frying cheese and green banana flour, butter, kombucha and yoghurt. I think everyone is looking forward to enjoying our homemade homegrown produce this coming week, especially the butter and the buttermilk sauces, knowing they have had a hand in making them!

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