Day 6 of the Permaculture Design Certificate / PDC course, afternoon jobs and surveying

While Tom brings the cows down and milks our two milkers in the afternoon break, the students have some afternoon jobs to do. The two composting toilets need emptying and cleaning, the teaching space and the main house need to be swept and tidied and the water heater have to be lit. The five groups happily go about their tasks, even though compost toilets are dealt with at an arms’ length…

This afternoon the students were shown how to survey land with different tools. Surveying is a concept that is quite foreign for a lot of people, so the hands on experience really helps the understanding of the subject!

Morning tea today was a raw banana pie, with a sunflower seed and green banana flour base and banana and cashew center topped with macadamia nuts. Yesterday’s cream made a nice complement!

Raw banana pie at the PDC run by the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast
Raw banana pie with banana flour and sunflower base and macadamias on top (vegan)

And here is a picture of tonight’s dinner! Leftover lunch makes great patties! Some potato and carrot patties and lentil patties for vegetarians and vegans, as well as the beef patties for the meat eaters. Cassava and ratatouille and a green salad to accompany…

Dinner during the Permaculture Design Certificate course at PRI Sunshine Coast
Tonight’s dinner

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