Day 7 of the PDC / Permaculture Design Certificate course, starting on the student design

At the end of the course on day 10, all students need to take part in presenting a Permaculture design they put together with other students. Tom divides the students into groups for this exercise and this afternoon he took them to look at the piece of land they are doing their final Permaculture design on.

Students starting their Permaculture Design for presentation on Friday, the last day of the PDC course
Discussing possible placement of elements in the system of their design

Initial observations were made, a bit of surveying was done and questions asked to clarify their specific needs description. To make the situation more real, every group gets a “client description”, which tells them the needs of the “clients” their design will be for.
From now on they will work on their Permaculture design every afternoon until presentation on Friday afternoon. They finally get the chance to get their colouring pencils out and get creative, using the knowledge they have gathered (and are still gathering) here at Maungaraeeda!

PS. Today’s morning tea was apple crumble! Bunya nut and egg base with stewed spiced apples and dates and topped with an oat and coconut crumble. A meal on its own… And tonight’s dinner, curried frittata with broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, kale and spices and a coleslaw type salad…

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