Permaculture Design Certificate course group September 2016

Final day of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, certificates, last dinner and talent night!

Final day of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, certificates, last dinner and talent night!

Friday was the final day of our Permaculture Design Certificate / PDC course, run by the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. here at Maungaraeeda, taught by Tom Kendall.

Final day of the Permaculture Design Certificate course run by PRI Sunshine Caoast Inc and taught by Tom Kendall
Final day in the classroom

We had a fantastic group of people here for two weeks! It was great to see them bonding with each other, the animals, permaculture and us over the time they were here.

Morning tea time on the final day of the PDC course
Final morning tea time

This course we did not use any bottled gas for cooking. All cooking was done on the rocket stoves, biogas and the combustion wood stove. Around 50% of the food was produced here on the property, and some was harvested by the students themselves, like the yam and the cassava. Most of the electricity was produced by solar power.
After lunch on Friday the students still had until 5pm to get their designs ready for presentation. After their design presentations everyone was given their PRI accredited Permaculture Design Certificate, and then it was time for the final meal!

It is a bit of a tradition now that we have nachos on the final day, with organic corn chips (the only processed food for the whole course!), homemade salsa and beans, homemade guacomole, mince and cheese and sour cream. Everyone was able to make themselves a nice plate full, but was reminded to leave space for dessert! Dessert was raw chocolate and coconut pie, on a seed, nut and date base. With our cream of course!

With our bellies full, we went back to the teaching space, where a camp fire was burning and we sat down to the talent show! MC Em from Fiji took to the stage and introduced the performers, while telling us funny stories about life and love in Fiji. Students showed us how to do a headstand, how to crochet with plastic (great recycling!), how to do capoeira, we heard a permaculture song sung to the “Hallelujah” tune (see lyrics below), a poem was read, guitar and didgeridoo was played, a tune was made from sampled sounds of the property, we were asked to place our hands on a canvas to make a painting (to be published in the future) and we were shown how to make light with a cheap and simple setup. It was a great night with lots of laughter.

We had a great time, and we believe so did the students. We are now trying to recover from what has been a very busy two weeks, by having a little down time at home. Thanks PDC group of September 2016!

Permaculture Design Certificate course group September 2016
PDC course group September 2016

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Permaculture song

(To the tune of Hallelujah.)

I heard there was a contour dam
That caught the rain and fed the farm
But you don’t really care for nature do you
Well it goes like this, the cow, the pig,
It really helps if you like to dig
‘Cause that is how it goes in permaculture.

Chorus: Permaculture, permaculture, permaculture, permaculture

Well you faith was strong but you needed proof
You caught the rain on your steel roof
But mapping out the swales really threw you.
You’re trying to catch the winter sun
And gardening is so much fun
And that is why you’re learning permaculture.


You’ve never been here before
Making biogas and humanure
You used to flush the loo before we knew you.
Now you’ve collected eggs and tried the kale
And you’re in love with contour swales
And scooping poop’s all part of permaculture.


Well maybe there’s a forest above
That’s teaching you to learn to love
The earth and all the systems that support you.
We restore the land because we know it’s right
And finally you’ve seen the light
Everybody is embracing permaculture


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