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Welcome to Kendall Permaculture!

Welcome to Kendall Permaculture!

Previously know as DIY Food and Health, we felt that our website had to reflect more who we are, rather than hiding behind a brand or different name. We are Tom Kendall and Zaia Kendall, a husband and wife team who live and breathe permaculture. Our property Maungaraeeda, which means place of food, supplies most of our daily needs. This requires a lot of hard work on a day to day basis, but it is enjoyable and extremely satisfying.

We are keen to educate and train people who have a long term commitment to permaculture and who are not afraid of hard work. We believe we have a lot to show and teach people, but ultimately we believe in leading by example. Our farm has a lot to teach us, we are still learning on a daily basis. When we first bought the property it was overgrown, there was no running water and the soil was rocky and hard. We now have a property which is abundant in food and resources with soil that has turned a corner and is starting to be productive. We have done that using minimal external resources and on a very tight budget. We are very close to closing the loop and are proud of our achievements here. As such, is a reflection of the years we have spent teaching and creating on the property, and we hope to add many more experiences onto this site!

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  1. Great that you are almost at the closed loop stage!

    Kendall Permaculture seems a more fitting name for your blog indeed!

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