Stop debating and start planting!

Stop debating and start planting!

As I was doing a rare scroll through my Facebook newsfeed the other day, I came across one of my FB friends asking a permaculture question. It was an interesting question, however as often happens on Facebook, the comments were not replying to the question so much but started debating what was the better “system”. I saw comments proclaiming that permaculture was nothing compared to Holistic Management. Others praised Agroforestry or other holistic methods and some people were altogether canning Permaculture. Several people were commenting frequently, with long drawn out stories proclaiming one thing or other…

I find it really interesting how everyone has their opinion on what the best methods or “systems” may be, but we see so few people that actually put it in practice and “live it”. And living in a city is no excuse! (yes, you can practice permaculture and sustainability in cities!) It is amazing how so many people seem to have plenty of time to argue or comment on Facebook, but do not actually plant anything. The planet is still rife with armchair critics

It would be great if everyone with an opinion (whatever that opinion may be) could just plant a tree, bush, vegetable, flower or whatever instead of wasting time commenting on something that will never show up on your feed again anyway (and it won’t feed you either!). We do not have to label what we do and we do not need to proclaim it verbally to the world. Actions still speak louder than words, let’s make the quiet revolution of planting and consuming our own food a roar nobody can ignore and everyone wants to be part of!

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