How we got our chooks to lay again…

How we got our chooks to lay again…

Around November last year, egg production of our chickens went down to zero over period of a couple of weeks. The chooks were healthy, they had no disease, they were all looking great and being fed well. We had no idea what was causing the lack of egg laying, as prior to that time we were getting up to 28 eggs per day and the days were getting longer (heading towards summer). It was not until we had a workshop attendee mention that their chooks stopped laying after they got NBN that I decided to do some research.

We were connected up to NBN late 2015, and we got cellular reception (we had none previously) in Kin Kin in the middle of 2016. As we have quite a spread out property, we needed wifi to be boosted for everyone on the property to connect, so we put up a booster antenna around November 2016. Around the time the chooks stopped laying.

There has been research done on the effects of EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields), which can come from electrical appliances, cell phones/towers, antennas, wiring in the home etc. As we have a transformer on the road in front of the property, plus we now have NBN, booster antennas and cellular reception, the amount of EMFs on the property have increased substantially.  One of the areas in the body that EMFs seem to affect is the endocrine system.

The endocrine system is in charge of hormones in the body. Hormones are messengers that control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even emotions and mood. I personally had major hormonal issues ever since we installed NBN (which of course I did not correlate at the time). And then later that in 2016, after installing our booster antenna, our chooks stopped laying eggs.

After doing my research on EMF protection options, I decided on getting a Blushield “Cube”, which would offer protection for 180 metres diameter. Blushield actually works on your body by giving the body an energy alternative to the EMFs. It is made by Tesla. We decided to put the cube in a central position close to the chickens and not to change anything for at least 6 weeks, so we could see whether it would make a difference.

Here is what we found:

Day 1: Blushield installed (we were getting 1 egg every 3 days)

Day 10: 2 eggs per day

Day 15: 5 eggs per day

Day 21: 13 eggs per day

Day 25: 20 eggs per day

Day 27: 24 eggs per day

Egg laying improved by EMF protection
Full basket of eggs!

We are now almost 8 weeks since the installation of Blushield and we are still getting a consistent average of 19-20 eggs per day (some days more, some days less). The shell is hard (before they stopped laying in November their shells had gotten very soft), the yolk is a beautiful orange and it is a joy again to get the eggs in the morning! Noe, sceptics may say this is a coincidence. But we had no eggs for 6 months (a very long time for chooks to stop laying) and we did not change anything else in their environment or routines.
With the amount of eggs we are getting now we will have paid our Cube off in no time!

The scary bit about this experience is that we do not know what all this radiation from wireless technology is doing to us… Is it preventing humans from having kids? Is it throwing women into premature menopause? Is it reducing men’s sperm count? And beside the procreation side of things, is it playing a part in hormone based obesity and stress related illnesses? And of course many other ailments that can occur due to upset hormones… As we give our kids wireless devices from a very young age and everyone is walking around with a mobile phone in their pockets, it is a very serious concern that I feel needs more research. In the mean time I would recommend people to protect themselves or to totally go offline…

Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or if you are giving Blushield a try as well. I would love to get confirmation from other sources as to the difference to production minimising or offering protection from EMFs makes.

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  1. Thanks Zaia,

    What a great article.

    We are sensitive to EMF, finding even a short time on a computer very draining.

    Do you have any details for purchasing a Bushshield cube?

    Also I met somebody once, who had some type shield for there phone, does anybody know of such a product?

    Thanks again


    1. Their website is They also have mobile device you can carry with you which will help when you are in the road (mobile phone, jet lag etc).

  2. Hi Zaia,

    I’ve been using the blue shield for about two years and believe it’s been a worthwhile purchase for my health and animals. I’m sensitive to wifi and can’t sleep if phones or modems are left on. I found out about them from a friend who sells them at inner glow at tewantin. You might like to give them a call as they have proven studies about the benefits on the blood cells from using the blue shield.

    Happy to hear eggs are back on the menu!!

    1. Hi David,
      Apologies, I prefer spending time in the garden rather than on the computer, hence the delay in getting back to you and others at the above link 🙂 Thank you for pointing it out to me, I hope I answered all questions.

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