Transplanting lettuces

Transplanting lettuce into a mulched bed

Transplanting self sown lettuces into a more convenient location, using compost made by the biodigester and the chickens from cow and chicken manure, and mulch cut on the property.

Food Forestry with Tom Kendall

Tom Kendall talks about the Food Forest he is creating at Maungaraeeda, home of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast. He also answers the question what Permaculture means to people and nature.

Tom’s Journey into Permaculture

An Interview with Tom Kendall of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast, about how he got to where he is now and some of the learnings on the way. His journey from a Biodynamic property of 2500 hectares in Western Australia to a 12 hectare Permaculture property in Queensland. He also discusses what Permaculture and self reliance mean to him.

A day in the life of Tom Kendall

Not just dirt

It came to my attention recently that a lot of people do not understand the importance of healthy soil. People are very concerned about pests and disease in their garden. Slugs, caterpillars, moths and numerous other critters that seem to make a scrumptious meal out of the fruits and vegetables so lovingly tended in backyards. …