Self Reliance

Learn how to fence a paddock to keep animals in or out…

This course is a specialist course and is part of the Permaculture Life Skills Internship but can be attended as a separate course.

Course teacher: Tom and Zaia Kendall

Course cost: $795, inc. camping (byo tent) or included in the Permaculture Life Skills Internship fee.

This course will teach the students how to creatively problem solve in order to become as self reliant as possible. Subjects include but are not limited to fencing methods, resource saving and salvage, DIY mechanics, tools needed for the job and creative thinking to solve a problem. Students will also spend some time in the kitchen to learn about food preserving and creating new preserves with produce that is available at the time. Dairy processing will also be shown.

Tom Kendall grew up on a farm in WA and took over the farm from his father. The property was far from modern conveniences and from an early age he was taught that when something broke, you fixed it yourself. He can identify the right tool for the job and is always able to figure out a way to fix or create things on the property, with items that were salvaged by him in the past. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to transfer that knowledge to others, especially to help people become more self empowered. Self Reliance encompasses those skills that people used to have in the past, to creatively problem solve and fix things yourself. Start saving money by not having to call people in to fix things for you, and feel empowered to do it yourself!

Zaia Kendall has a passion for things culinary and loves to be creative with food. She discovers new ways of cooking every day, depending on the produce available. She will show students how to be bold and creative in the kitchen and to process food for eating now or later!

Please email us on info (at) for more information or to book for this course.

Limited cabin and backpackers style shared accommodation are available at extra cost.

Please stay tuned for 2013 dates.

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