Urban Permaculture

Productive container gardens

This course is a specialist course and is part of the Permaculture Life Skills Internship but can be attended as a separate course.

Course teacher: Anne Gibson and Tom Kendall

Course cost: $795, inc. camping (byo tent) or included in the Permaculture Life Skills Internship fee.

This course will focus on implementing Permaculture principles in a variety of urban contexts including balcony and high rise gardens; courtyards and compact suburban blocks; community and allotment gardens; rental properties; and nature strip verge gardens. It covers the many challenges of growing in these urban spaces and practical solutions to design high yield, low cost/low energy/minimal maintenance edible landscapes.

Participants will learn about a variety of ways to grow food both inside the home and outdoors to take advantage of different micro climates; container gardening including portable options; solutions for those with special needs; vertical structures to maximise space including herb spirals; sprouting and seed raising; designing out problems; plant and seed selection; container challenged crops;  recycling nutrients indoors and out; watering, fertilising and maintenance; sourcing local materials economically; potting and seed raising mixes; small scale propagation techniques; mini compost systems; how to plant for a continual harvest; intensive growing methods; growing fruit trees in small spaces; self-reliance, reusing materials and making your own supplies.

The course includes practical hands-on learning activities and an urban garden tour of local properties. The content is ideal for people seeking to maximise food production and become more self-reliant; those involved in community gardens and shared residential spaces; people wanting to develop a consultancy business in urban Permaculture; and government, community groups or organisations seeking to implement low cost urban food solutions.

Anne Gibson is Founder/Publisher of Green Journey (www.greenjourney.com.au), an award-winning online sustainable living community hub, and also works as a consultant with her business The Micro Gardener (www.themicrogardener.com). Anne’s Diploma in Australian Interior Design and Certificates in Sustainable Agriculture and Horticulture combined with 14 years working on urban property projects, have given her practical experience in applying biological and organic farming practices in an urban context. By teaching Permaculture design principles and productive techniques at her workshops and presentations, she helps people learn how to overcome many common gardening challenges and create highly productive edible landscapes in compact spaces.

Tom Kendall runs the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast and teaches Permaculture Design Certificates and Specialist courses. For more information about Tom, please visit our about us page.

Some student feedback:

“Top course for small applications!”

“Very informative urban course that I will try to implement.”
” Anne and Tom are very good and very receptive to our needs. Also to have 2 trainers was great. I think that the dynamic of the course was good also, 2 days on microlevel and 3 days much more focus on technologies like aquaponics, passive housing, community gardens and visiting real life examples. It was a very good week for me and thank you Anne and Tom for answering my “tricky” questions and taking the time to think about my real life examples of Haiti – urban permaculture can offer a lot for the challenges of the 21st century to all those people living in a slum, opening their minds to a better life, with hands in the dirt growing their food!”

Please email us on info (at) permaculturesunshinecoast.org for more information or to book for this course.

Limited cabin and caravan accommodation available at extra cost.

BOOK ONLINE for Urban Permaculture course 8 – 12 April 2013:
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Book and pay deposit $100
Book and pay full amount $795
BOOK ONLINE for Urban Permaculture course 2 – 6 September 2013:
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Book and pay deposit $100
Book and pay full amount $795

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