Kendall Permaculture: Permaculture courses, permaculture training, sustainability, self sufficiency

We are simple people living simply. Rather than getting caught up in the societal drive for yield (money or other), we have decided to live simply and self sufficiently, and pass on as much information as possible for free. In order to continue to provide free information on this website and through our Youtube channel, we run PRI (Permaculture Research Institute) Accredited PDC /  Permaculture Design Certificate courses and permaculture workshops on our Permaculture Demonstration site “Maungaraeeda” in the Noosa Hinterland village of Kin Kin on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. These are taught by Permaculture Research Institute Australia accredited Permaculture Teacher Tom Kendall. We also offer farm stays, farm tours, Permaculture events and permaculture consultations and implementation. We are close to self sufficiency on our farm and love to share with people how we have been able to achieve this on a low budget with little outside inputs.

We currently produce on our farm:
100% cooking fuel
100% water
100% fertiliser/compost
90-95% our food
75% electricity
65% animal feed

Plus we also:
Create our own websites
Do our marketing
Write our copy
Film and edit our videos
Use all our own photos for promotion, taken on the property

Watch the video below to see why we do what we do:

We involve our Permaculture Design Certificate course students in the running of our farm and include a lot of hands on activities. As a PDC student you will be involved in the daily routines that come with running a Permaculture farm. This is why we limit our course intake to 15 people per PDC only. Learn to milk a cow, separate cream, make butter, cheese and yoghurt, feed our biogas bio-digester, look after chickens and goats, make compost, survey the land for earth works, eat healthy food produced on the farm and much, much more! Click here for more info and to book.