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Zaia talks about the new diyfoodandhealth hub and what it is all about, including the integration of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast into the courses area of the hub, for Permaculture and Self Sufficiency courses and training.Read More →

Bamboo house in Vanuatu

Tom and Zaia Kendall from the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast went to Vanuatu and are hoping to set up two Master Plan sites there to educate local Ni-Vanuatu people about erosion control and soil rebuilding through Permaculture.Read More →

An Interview with Tom Kendall of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast, about how he got to where he is now and some of the learnings on the way. His journey from a Biodynamic property of 2500 hectares in Western Australia to a 12 hectare Permaculture property in Queensland. He also discusses what Permaculture and self reliance mean to him.Read More →

Paul Taylor was raised on an organic farm and has been working with sustainable soil management for more than 30 years. Paul demystifies the complex sciences of soil microbiology and plant nutrition to bring you a cutting edge system of sustainable soil management. In this workshop, we redefine sustainable agriculture as ‘the ability to improve production while we reduce cost and improve soil fertility’. Learn this 3-part system as the path forward to improving your productive soils. 1. Specialist composting made easy: Trust Nature’s Bio-vital™ system 2. Making soil pro-biotic – soil microbiology made simple 3. Making cost effective Bio-Fertilisers: COAS principles from Eugenio Gras and much more. 1-2-3- Grow! Learn how to combine theseRead More →

This course will teach students how to design, measure and set out earthworks. It will teach which tools to use and how to determine contour. Students will be actively involved in the full process, from design to dig, and will learn how to implement earthworks on their property. Erosion issues are discussed and soil repair using plants after earthworks will be undertaken. This course is a specialist course and is part of the Permaculture Life Skills Internship but can be attended as a separate course. Course teacher: Tom Kendall Course cost: $795, inc. camping (byo tent) and all meals for 5 days, or included in the Permaculture Life SkillsRead More →

The Permaculture kitchen garden is getting new plants.

Interns will learn all aspects of living and working on a permaculture farm and will learn methods and design applicable to everyday farm situations. They will be fully involved in all farm activities. There will be no “lecture room” experiences in the internship because all learning will be accompanied by practical experience (learning whilst doing), but it is probably a good idea to carry a notebook and pen around with you! Subjects will be dealt with in more depth in the 10 week Internship than in the 5 week Internship. 10 week Internship curriculum, subject to change: Week 1: Introduction to farm practices and routinesRead More →