Wwoofers / Volunteer Workers

Look at this feast!! Meal for PDC students August 2012

We are a working farm and Permaculture educational facility, and as such we ask that you work full days. You will be learning a lot during the working days, Tom will explain why we do things the way we do when he shows you a job. Saturday is a day off, with no work to be done on the farm apart from feeding the animals. Minimum stay is 3 weeks, unless things aren’t working out for either or both of us.

We are unable to cater for special dietary needs. If you have special dietary needs (eg vegetarian, vegan, raw food) and would prefer to cook for yourself (we will provide food), there are cooking facilities which you will be able to use. We usually have 2 vegetarian meals during the day which vegetarians can share with us, but the third meal usually contains meat (this can be breakfast or lunch, we do not usually cook meat for dinner).
Wwoofing accommodation is usually in a tent (supplied by you), but it may be in a caravan if available, depending on students on the property at the time. Our facilities are very basic, with compost toilets and wood heated showers. Jobs that need doing are harvesting, weeding and mulching in the garden, kitchen assistance, animal care and cleaning. Other jobs also need to be done as they come up, eg helping with projects.
We do not allow any drugs, alcohol, chemicals or cigarettes on the property. Please check any soaps, shampoos and toothpastes you bring, whether they have any sulphates or other nasties. If unsure, please ask, we do always have spare soaps, shampoos etc available for use on the property.
We can provide pickup if necessary from Pomona, preferably on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we can possibly organise other days. Bus number 632 runs from Noosa and Cooroy to Pomona daily.
To apply to wwoof or volunteer work with us, please contact us on info [at] permaculturesunshinecoast.org.